How to Know If Your Boyfriend Cheated On You

Infidelity is the all-time biggest destroyer of relationships. Finding out your boyfriend cheated on you will make you hurt and angry, but even more so if you learn he's been seeing another girl for quite some time. If you suspect your boyfriend might be cheating, you'll want to know the truth - one way or the other.

Boyfriend Cheating

So, how do you know if your boyfriend has been unfaithful?

Certainly there are ways to hide it. Guys can be very sneaky when it comes to messing around behind your back, and the more careful they are the harder it is to detect cheating.

Over time though, as such a relationship progresses undetected, the cheater becomes way too comfortable.

He gets sloppy, and makes mistakes. This is where you'll catch him... but by this time, it's way too late. The damage is done, and you cannot save the relationship.

To learn for sure whether or not your boyfriend is cheating, you have to gather your own evidence. He's not going to outright tell you, and it's rare that you'll catch him red-handed. You need to methodically, discretely examine the situation and environment surrounding your relationship.

Signs of cheating always rise to the surface, if you know where to look for them. But the big thing to remember? You don't want to accuse your boyfriend of cheating until you're absolutely sure that he is.

What to Do If You Think He Cheated on You

Many girls make this mistake. You can't just run off with first piece of "evidence" and jam it in your boyfriend's face, demanding the truth. He's going to deny it, get angry with you, and storm off. A horrendous fight will ensue. Over time you'll start believing that maybe you were wrong (because this is what you'll want to believe) and then you'll apologize. And if your boyfriend is cheating on you? You just tipped him off, so anything he does from here on out will be ultra top-secret.

Instead, you need to remain calm. Gather information discretely, and be objective. There are ways to know for sure whether or not you're being cheated on, including reverse phone lookups to see who's been calling your lover's cellphone.

Text-messages can easily be undeleted. Emails that your boyfriend thinks he threw away can be recovered. In today's world of instant electronic communication, it's almost impossible to hide an affair. This is why you can easily gather a ton of information on what your boyfriend is doing (or not doing) before making the decision to confront him.

If your boyfriend is seeing another girl, there's a good chance he'll exhibit one or more of the following behaviors and signs:

Working Odd Hours - If your boyfriend begins working late or going in early, he might be messing around with someone from work. Look for inconsistencies in his work schedule: such as working on one particular day and then not working that day the next week. If he suddenly goes from a 40-hour work week to a ton of overtime, something might be up.

Keeping His Phone Calls From You - In an open relationship, your boyfriend's phone calls shouldn't be something he hides from you. If he begins leaving the room when his phone rings or hanging up quickly when you walk in on him, there's a chance he's talking to someone he doesn't want you to know about. His privacy should be considered, but at the same time you'll know whether or not his actions seem suspicious.

Locking His Cell Phone - Has your boyfriend suddenly protected his cell phone with a password? If so, there are things he doesn't want you to uncover. Most likely text-messages, or incoming and outgoing phone calls. Conveniently "forget" your phone one day, and ask to use his. If he has to unlock it first, something's up.

Taking a Sudden Interest in His Appearance - Is your boyfriend doing a lot of sprucing up lately? New clothes, cologne, looking sharp... and at times when he doesn't even have plans to see you? It could be he's doing these things for someone else. Another thing to look for: a change in shower habits. If your boyfriend is washing up at different times of the day or covering himself with cologne all of a sudden, he might be trying to hide the fact that he was with someone else.

Turning off His Cellphone - When your boyfriend is cheating on you, he's not going to answer his phone in front of the other girl. If you were always able to reach him and now suddenly his phone was accidentally turned off (or running out of batteries all the time), he might be keeping you in the dark about seeing someone else.

Fighting Needlessly and then Running Away - Toward the end of an affair, your boyfriend will begin hanging out with his new girlfriend even more than he is with you. In order to get away from you on weekends and nights you're supposed to have plans together, an easy thing to do is pick a nasty fight. If your man is making up fights just for the sake of being able to walk out the door for the night, there's a good chance he's doing it to spend that night with someone else.

Not every one of these signs is always an indication that your boyfriend is cheating. That being said, if he's exhibiting three or four of these signs, you've got big problems in your relationship. You need to learn the truth as quickly as possible, if you want to save your romance and keep dating him. And if you don't? You'll still need to know whether or not you're being cheated on, for safety's sake.

These are just some of the ways to look for signals that your boyfriend is dating another girl. Maybe you suspect he is, or maybe you just want to know for sure that he's being faithful. Finding out that your boyfriend is not cheating can lift a great burden from your shoulders. Either way, the truth is important.

You can learn to easily identify signs that your boyfriend is cheating. Find out what they are, and read up on ways you can save your relationship and get your boyfriend back in your arms again.

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