Your Boyfriend Wants a Break? How To Get Him Back

It always comes from out of nowhere: your boyfriend wants to take a break from your relationship. Is he mad at you? Bored? Or does he just want to see - and possibly even date - other people?

Boyfriend Wants Break

If you want to keep your boyfriend from becoming an exboyfriend, you'll need to act fast. Learn what to do when your boyfriend asks for some time apart.

Getting your boyfriend back after he dumps you can be difficult. But when he demands a "break" from the relationship, in some ways it's even harder. Knowing exactly what he wants isn't easy, because he's asking for a separation... but at the same time he hasn't fully broken up with you either. This can leave your relationship hanging in a lame sort of limbo, and confusion usually follows.

Understand that when a guy asks to take some time away from your relationship, he generally knows why. If he's being vague or evasive with his answer, it's probably because he wants to see someone else.

In this case he's looking to try out a new relationship, but wants to keep you on hold while he does it. It's comforting to him to know where you are, so he can find you again if his new fling doesn't work out.

If this is the case, there will be signs your boyfriend is with someone else. These signs are not hard to spot, so be sure to look for them.

The possibility also exists that your boyfriend is just bored. He might not be feeling the same passion he used to, and this may or may not have anything to do with you. In this case, re-igniting old sparks can put you back the way you were when your romance first started... when everything looked and felt great for the both of you. But in order to do this, you'll first need to diagnose the problem. Unless you find out why your boyfriend wants a break, you have little shot of getting your ex back.

In either case, this type of situation requires you to be proactive. Sitting around doing nothing will almost always cause your break to become a break up. You can't follow his lead, sit back, and just hope that things will get better. Because as your relationship with your boyfriend slips away, you'll be powerless to stop it.

So What Should You Do When Your Boyfriend Asks For a Break?

First, agree with him. Nod you head and tell him "Yeah, you're right, maybe some time apart is a good idea. Things just don't seem to be working out between us". If this seems totally counterproductive to staying together, ask yourself a question: what does he expect me to say?

Not this, obviously. You agreeing with the idea of taking time apart as a couple is the last thing your boyfriend wants. In fact, he wants you to fight him on it. He wants you to disagree and try to keep things together.

Your boyfriend wants you to beg and plead for your relationship back, at which time he'll make some vague concessions that demand you "give him time alone" while he runs off to do what he wants.

Forget that. By walking away yourself, you've put him in a position of total disarray. His comfortable little scenario where you sit around and wait for him to figure out what he wants has just been shattered. By not agreeing to lie down and let him walk all over your feelings, you've stood up for yourself and displayed a strength he totally didn't expect.

And when all this happens? Your ex will be nervous about losing you, and soon he'll be the one who'll be trying to get you back... instead of the other way around.

Your boyfriend will also be confused by your words and start wondering what you see as wrong in the relationship. Up until now, he figured everything was fine on your end. But by showing him it's not, suddenly he's thrown into complete disarray.

"Is she unhappy?"

"How long has she felt this way?"

"Does she want to date someone else?"

These are the questions blowing through your boyfriend's mind when you agree with him on the idea of taking time apart. He'll be even more scared than you are.

In the end, if your boyfriend wants a break it's not always the end of your relationship. Just the fact that he's not completely breaking up with you is good news. It means he's not over you, and still wants some level of a relationship. Ideally, he'd love to keep you around as a "friend" for a while, even continue hanging out from time to time, and maybe even sleeping with you whenever he's feeling lonely, horny, or the mood strikes him.

If that type of relationship sounds unappealing to you - and it should - then you know the best thing is to walk away. Don't call him, email him, or text-message your ex boyfriend. Let him have the space he asked for - in fact, give him so much space that your ex misses and needs you again.

Remember: The more completely you can break contact with your exboyfriend, the quicker he'll miss you and the faster you can get him back.

If you truly value your relationship, you need to call his bluff when your boyfriend wants a break. It's the only way to put the relationship back the way it was, and on equal terms. But if your break already happened and you're not sure what to do? Having a step by step plan for getting your boyfriend back is the only other option.

Ex Back System

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